[Letter of Executive Producer]

For the beginning of 'AIR'

My name is Stanley P. Kim who is VIVE STUDIOS founder, president and producer. VIVE STUDIOS artists and I has been producing CGI movies and commercials 14 years ago in South Korea.

This VR contents ‘VOLT’ and ‘AIR’ are the first VR series of our own story with CGI technical knowhow.

I want to tell a message about the power of diversity in coexistence through ‘VR SF Fantasy series’.
Our society is under strain and anguish caused by the self-righteous dispute. Things are not much different in Korea.

As of today, the Korean Peninsula is suffering from various conflicts such as the refugee from North Korea, foreign labor rights, discrimination of multi-racial children, generation gap between traditional Confucian ideas and Western values, single mother safety and so on. Furthermore still some of Korean politicians are trying to abuse the diplomatic friction and populism against neighboring counties. So those conflicts are not only national problems but also our neighbor’s pains.

I try to unfold our VR story how to make harmony with ourselves and neighbors in the background of SF Fantasy with metaphor of varied races and living things. Without air, we can’t breathe anymore. Air is fundamental resource to share but also it is made up many chemicals such as diversity in coexistence. That’s why our 1st volume of ‘AIR’ subtitle is started from ‘Breath’. Another VR series ‘VOLT’ is bold character to describe what we live in the present of chaos.

The environment of ‘AIR : Breath’ is DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) which is located between North and South Korea. DMZ was established at the end of the Korean War to make a truce as a buffer zone against battle. Since 1953, DMZ is isolated and secured from human touches. Paradoxically, there is ensured and preserved biological diversity because of geopolitical stand-off.

Here is ‘a girl’. Born between intertribal warfare, a girl could not belong anywhere, but be free.
There is an alien survivor so-called ‘AIR’. Crash-landing on Earth, an enlightened drone ‘AIR’ was attacked from something. AIR is rescued from ‘a girl’.

‘A girl’ and the survived drone ‘AIR’ are related and dependent on each other.
They are facing various tribes and living things among ‘The Age of Great Chaos’ in the earth.

Inspired by my 6 years old daughter, I described the character of ‘a girl’.
‘AIR’, the drone is my point of view who has curiosity of our planet and full of friendship with a girl.

My faithful comrade and SF Lover Art Director Hyun-Suk Lee, he is directing further AIR series with our authors about ‘a girl’ in The Age of Great Chaos. She will get through various dangers and difficulties. Please cheer her up.

Hopefully we will communicate with each other how to we breathe together through this story.
I dedicate this film ‘AIR’ to my daughter and our children.