Horror Stories III_MachineGhost

VIVE STUDIOS has been in charge of VFX effect with a director Kim Gok, in Horror Stories III :The Stories of Future,Machine Ghost(Gigyeryeong)

Story of Future_ AI Horror, Machine Ghost(Gigyeryeong)
“We..will be together..forever”
An AI robot, Dunco, which became the best friend of a young son, Jingu, instead of his mom.
Jingu and Dudco, who have been the most precious friends each other for over 10 years, promised to be together forever.
One day, Dunco had a sudden error and hurt Jingu and his mom removed Dunco from him secretly and bought a new one.
However, the new one had errors, too and Dunco appeared in front of Jingu and his mom again. A curse of a promise that cannot be kept. What is the end?